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Using HTML5 With A Compiler For Android Development

Android applications made with the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) or the Android Native Development Kit (NDK) will not work on a Blackberry, iPhone or Windows mobile. Each has to be coded independently; typically four times the work, four times the cost for an app to work on all four systems. An android app developed using HTML5 and a compiler can be cross compiled to work on other mobile internet systems.
HTML Has Evolved into HTML5
HTML5 is the latest version of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), which can be described as the original language of the WorldWideWeb. It works on every mobile internet device and is a common language; this is why HTML5 and compilers can be used for mobile internet app development.
Early web pages were pages of information, as moviestarplanet hack they became more interactive, buttons were added and then graphics and newer versions of HTML were introduced.
The latest version is HTML5, which is designed for the second decade of the 21st century (post 2010) and is ideally suitable for today’s mobile internet devices. A few companies at the cutting edge of writing apps for the Android, Blackberry iPhone, iPad and windows mobile have taken advantage of the unifying capability of HTML5 to increase efficiency and reduce development time/cost.
HTML5 (intended for desktop browsers), is designed not to have ‘gaps’ that need filling by e.g. adobe flash. This has resulted in its suitability for mobile websites, which is exceptionally useful. Its most significant advantage was unforeseen and is that it can be used with click this game website compilers allowing applications to be cross compiled for the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows mobile.
HTML5 is also about to rock the Drupal world, by using it in Drupal8 it will give a much better user experience on both desktop and mobile devices, and could lead to a convergence between native applications and the mobile web. Because of this, it is one of the top 5 initiatives for Drupal 8;
These were used with early home computers, typical the Apple, ZX81, Vic 20, Commodore 64 Check our website and Acorn Atom. A few of today’s app developers were writing machine code and using compilers in the early 80’s when they were children or teenagers. They have also been using HTML since it was first introduced in 1990; these relatively few developers are understandably amongst the best in the world. The adAPPt compiler has been coded by developers of this ilk, who have the skills to build in the ability for an application to be cross compiled for use with the iOS (iPhone), Android, BlackBerry and Windows mobile.
HTML5 has now taken the world of mobile app development by storm, allowing significant price reductions resulting directly from increased efficiency. An application for four differing operating systems needs only to be coded once and is then cross compiled. It is a very cost effective way to develop ‘cross platform’, and dramatically reduces the cost of maintaining apps in the future. Companies like AeonDada who are at the cutting edge of both Drupal web design and android development are well placed for the growth as mobile browsers are set to overtake desktop browsers by 2013.

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